About us

What We Are

Strategic-Surprise.com is a consulting practice helping clients achieve strategic surprise. There are numerous consulting companies in the world specializing in the prevention of strategic surprise. Our hallmark is a full-time commitment to the offensive aspect of strategic surprise consulting, with unique expertise in asymmetric strategy.

Offense requires distinct methods and a mindset of its own, and is by no means just a mirror image of defense. Strategic-Surprise.com was brought to life by David Hartmann, developer of the PAS method, giving the art of strategic surprise its first dedicated home. For practitioners, it is a source of knowledge and advice on the methods and mindset for achieving strategic surprise, which they cannot find in any other conventional consulting company.

What We Do

We advise decision makers in both business and government. Projects can extend from helping companies to compete against superior rivals, assisting a client's thought process as he develops a new product or service, to helping governmental organizations and NGOs counter the threats of the 21st century.

Another field of activity is research and development. The Proactive Asymmetric Strategy (PAS) method is outstanding, but asymmetric strategy and strategic surprise are vast fields of inquiry, and we never stop learning. Thus, Strategic-Surprise.com engages in continous R&D aimed at advancing and upgrading its methodology, while maintaining strict institutional independence.

"For by cunning thou shalt make thy war; and in the abundance of counsel there is
salvation.” Proverbs XXIV, 6