Do you specialize in certain industries?

Our expertise is Proactive Asymmetric Strategy. You bring the industry expertise (or together we find someone who has it). We bring the technique for developing the strategic surprise.

How do I know you are not selling me the same solutions you have already sold to others?

With PAS, each situation is unique, making it impossible to generalize. Strategic surprise is always relative to a specific context. Believing that because something worked for a client, it will work for the next client or even for the same client twice, would miss out on the essence of surprise. You need something that would work for you, not something that did work for someone else.

If I work with Strategic-Surprise.com, will my organization be invaded by an army of MBAs?

No. Your human rights are safe with us. Only one or two people will come to work with you, usually at your place, sometimes at ours, sometimes in the middle of the desert, if necessary.

Does strategic surprise consulting cost more than regular strategy consulting?

The fees for Proactive Asymmetric Strategy consulting are no higher than other strategic consulting fees. In fact, the overall costs associated with our project work are even far lower than those incurred with big name consulting firms. Why? Because we work with you and your people, instead of placing you under siege with a multitude of consultants. Apart from saving you (lots of) money and letting you reap the benefits of this extraordinary strategic craft, we will leave your organization with the infrastructure to identify the next opportunity for surprise on its own.

"Attack the strong through his strength." T’ai Kung