PAS Workshops

A half-day workshop is a good entry into the field of strategic surprise and asymmetric strategy. A demonstration of Proactive Asymmetric Strategy will give you initial experience with and intuitive understanding of the approach. To make the demonstration practical, a PAS consultant works with the client to set up the strategic "landscape". Workshops can use hypothetical scenarios or be immediately applied to real problems. PAS Workshops are based on interaction, not on PowerPoint presentations.

PAS Brainstorming

PAS Brainstorming offers decision makers what once was the privilege of kings: Having a private coach to help outthink rivals' strategists. These consultations take place on an hourly basis. They are highly individual and aimed at helping your strategic thought processes as well as coaching you towards asymmetrical strategic thinking. PAS Brainstorming is designed for work with individual or very small groups of strategy makers.

PAS Development

These are full-scale projects undertaken to help organizations achieve strategic surprise. PAS Development projects involve many aspects of the organization, from R&D to manufacturing, from marketing to service excellence, from HR policies to executive talent retainment. Our contracts are centered on implementation, not design alone.

PAS War Games

A war game is a role play exercise. A very common reason for running a war game is to test a strategy you have in mind. Instead of guessing how rivals (and other significant players) will respond to your plans, you build teams, providing each team enough background information to learn to view a situation through their assigned rival's eyes. You then role-play to see how your rivals will react to your strategy, instead of trying to anticipate their actions based on how you would respond if you were in their place - a very common mistake in strategic thinking. Such war games are extremely helpful in preventing strategic surprise, as they expose unexpected competitive dynamics you might have triggered with your strategy.

PAS War Games are different. They do not test a planned strategy, but develop a new one. Although you need to have a general idea of where you want to be in the future (a "strategic intent"), it is during simulation that your plan takes it asymmetric, disruptive shape. The objective is to create a new strategic situation that will serve your needs. PAS War Games show you how to use, not avoid the competitive dynamics exposed while you role-play. In the end you get a surprising and disruptive strategy that is already "stress tested" in that it emerged out of the very competitive dynamics that could harm it. PAS War Games therefore follow different rules than other war games. However, like most other war games, information must be collected and the players briefed in advance. Games normally last about two days, although some games can be shorter or longer, depending on the client's needs.

Each of the above options can be used independently or combined in a modular fashion.

 "Without the unorthodox you have no means to stop invaders. Without secret plans you have no means to be successful." Three Strategies